A true story about the Vintorio Aerator Pourer.

When producing the first batch of the Vintorio Aerator Pourer years ago, we found ourselves at a crossroads. 20,000 units of the air-tube pieces that were produced were too rigid and brittle. While they were still perfectly fine to use, they weren’t quite what we had hoped for. With funds running out and deadlines looming, the Vintorio team called for an emergency meeting with their factory partners to resolve this issue.

 Lots of ideas were thrown around: 

 “Should we put in multiple air-tubes per packaging in case one breaks?” 

 “Should we offer refunds to customers with broken air-tubes?”

 “Should we just send out the products as it is?”

 The room grew silent as the meeting’s participants ran out of ideas. 

 Then Vintorio’s CEO finally spoke, “No, we make them AGAIN. 

With thicker and better materials this time.”

 The truth is, most customers probably wouldn’t have had a problem with the lesser quality air-tubes. But we decided then and there to produce a completely new batch of air-tubes with more durable quality materials. This lead to delays and much higher initial costs, but for us this decision had deeper meaning.

 Do we want to be a company that knowingly offers an inferior product to increase our margins? Or do we want Vintorio to be a company that has integrity and offers amazing products that we truly believe in?

Our decision was easy to make because it is passion, not profits, that drives us. 

It’s passion, not profits, that inspired us to design and create the Vintorio Aerator Pourer, and we hope that it shows in our products and in turn your wine.

 Remember, life is too short to live without passion and integrity.


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